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This is everything you ever wanted to know about our registration process, and has been put here to assist you in answering immediate questions.  For information on the various leagues please contact the appropriate league commissioner.  You can click here to be redirected to our League Contacts page.

Disclaimer:  This page is general information and should not be considered policy.  The SBL Rules & Procedures can be found on our home page.  Current policy (e.g. refund policy) can be found there.

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Player Age

Our online registration system will only offer the correct age appropriate program for your player.

In the spring season, player age for all baseball leagues, except 16-18 year-old players, is determined by how old the player is on April 30th of the current year.  Player age for 18 year-old players is determined by how old they are on December 31st of the previous year.  In other words, players that turn 19 at anytime in the current year can register.

In the fall season, player age for all baseball players is advanced to the following year birth chart.  In other words, we move baseball players up to the age they will be for the following spring season).

Click here for the Babe Ruth League Baseball Age Chart>>

Fast pitch softball ages are determined by how old the player is on January 1st of the current year.  This remains true for both spring and fall leagues.  Softball operates by a normal calendar.  Fall league remains true to current calendar year, however in the fall season we offer the option to the player to advance to the following year’s age group or not.

Click here for the Babe Ruth League Softball Age Chart>>

Registration Cost

Baseball (coed)
Tee Ball (ages 5 & 6) $100
Rookie League Baseball (ages 6-8) – $110
Minor League Baseball (ages 9 & 10) – $140
Major League Baseball (ages 11 & 12) – $145
Prep League Baseball (age 13 only) – $160
Babe Ruth League Baseball (ages 14-18) – $160

8U Machine Pitch

Softball – $110
10U Fast Pitch Softball – $135
12U Fast Pitch Softball – $140
16U Fast Pitch Softball – $140

We offer a $5 discount for the second child and a $20 discount for each child after that.  Financial assistance may be available for families in need.  Please email for financial aid requests.

Each family is required to pay an annual fundraising fee of $15.  This is per household (not per player) and is only charged once per year (not per season).  This money pays for children in need of financial assistance to play ball as well as other worthwhile SBL programs.

Each participant is required to pay an $5 Stafford County participation fee.  This is not a Stafford Baseball League Charge.  This goes to Stafford County Parks and Recreation.

Registration Fees

A late fee of $25 is charged for all late registrations.  The late fee date will be published on this website.  Returned checks will be assessed a fee of $50.


Refunds will only be administered in accordance with the following conditions:

A.  The registered player is physically unable to play because of medical reasons. A note from a Medical Doctor is required; OR

B. The registered player is unable to play because the parent or guardian has received military orders to relocate. A copy of the military orders is required; AND

C. The refund request per A and B was made in writing (e-mail is acceptable) to the League Vice President prior to the first scheduled game.

D. In cases not outlined in bullets A through C, refunds will be considered on a case by case basis and waivers to the policy will be granted by the league president or vice president as deemed appropriate.

Refunds will NOT be made for:

A. The league’s inability to satisfy a player’s special team or division request.
B. Deciding not to play.
C. Practice or game dates, field locations, times.
D. Cancellation of games and / or practices due to inclement weather.

Refunds will AUTOMATICALLY be given in the event the league cannot satisfy its obligation to have a league based on registration numbers (i.e. not enough players registered for a particular age group and SBL is unable to form a league for that group).

There will be a forty-five (45) day waiting period from the date of last posted registration before refunds are given by the league. (You must request your refund within the time-frame above). If registration payment was received via check or cash then refunds will be mailed via certified U.S. Mail only with a return receipt requested, or may be picked up personally from the league Treasurer. Signature of receipt is required.  If registration was received via credit card payment, then the credit card will automatically be refunded.

Registration Payment

Our online registration platform accepts Visa and MasterCard.  Registration payments may be mailed by check, however this not recommended.  Your player is not registered until payment is received and processed.  That means your player risks getting wait-listed if the program fills before payment is processed.  In addition, there is a $50 returned check fee if checks do not clear, and 45-day waiting period for refunds if paid by check.

Online Registration Platform

We use Blue Sombrero, a secure online registration platform provided by Dick’s Teams Sports HQ.  To register for SBL you must create a Blue Sombrero account first.  New accounts can be created by clicking here to get to the Stafford Baseball Blue Sombrero site>>

Returning users can log into their account by clicking on the “MY ACCOUNT” tab at the top of this page.

Once in your account, click on the blue button in the top bar that reads, “Register Now!”  If you have just created a new account the system will take you step-by-step through creating the player and guardian profiles.


Stafford Baseball League is an all volunteer league.  Our team managers and assistant coaches are mainly parents or guardians like you kind enough to volunteer your time.  Please consider volunteering during the online registration process.  We can only place players on teams that have coaches.  Lack of volunteers may adversely effect our ability to provide you with the final product.

Volunteers are required to provide personal data on the secured website for the purpose of conducting criminal background checks and verifying your identity.  Social Security Numbers are required for this.  This information is not stored in our database and is used solely for background checks.


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