What is Quickball?

Dec 2, 2021 7:19 PM
Michael Bouchard

Quickball FAQ


T-Ball is often when a child is first exposed to the sports of baseball and softball, and it is important to make sure the experience focuses on fun, fundamentals, fitness and health.   Kids and parents should be laughing, cheering and jumping up and down in excitement. Lifetime friendships and memories should be shaping.

To make sure that all kids’ first experience with the game is positive, Babe Ruth league has partnered with USA Quickball to enhance the entry-level experience for players and coaches.  The new division is named “6U Babe Ruth Quickball,” and will be offered to players ages 4-6 throughout the world, providing an inclusive setting where youth players and coaches can thrive in a positive, success-based environment.

Quickball mixes physically active play with individual accomplishment and style, revolutionizing baseball at the grassroots level. 6U Babe Ruth Quickball will give players with little or no diamond experience a chance to learn and build baseball skills in a fun, active and team setting. Additionally, game play can take place anywhere; indoors or outside, in a gymnasium, on a playground or at a youth complex, making the program adaptable to different regions and environments.


• Player activity is widespread and constant.
• Games move fast and involve up to 50 balls.
• Base running rules are progressive. Each batter runs out a single, double, triple and home run in each game.
• Fielding goals are simple, direct and age appropriate. Fielders learn the value of getting outs.
• Players receive tangible rewards for their efforts in all phases of the game, including running, throwing, catching and hitting.
• Teamwork is emphasized at all times, rewarding teams in the field and at bat.
• Players score points in one of three ways —with a base hit, by completing a base running assignment or by fielding a ball and throwing it to the proper base
• Anyone can score, regardless of skill level.
• Guaranteed action at each base during every game.
• Rules dictate that players rotate fielding positions. Every player is in the pitcher’s circle and involved in a relay at least once during each game.


• Player activity is sporadic and limited.  Games move slow and involve only one ball.
• Base running rules are non-progressive. Runners advance only one base at a time whether they are safe or out.
• Fielding goals are often confusing. When runners are on two or more bases, fielders tend to get confused on what to do with the ball once they catch it.
• Players receive no tangible rewards for their efforts in the field or at bat.
• Teamwork is emphasized only while on defense.
• There is no player scoring.
• Guaranteed action at first base only.
• No guarantee of player rotation.


• Recommended for ages 4-6
• One field official needed for each game
• Each batter bats in each inning
• Batters bat off of batting tee or coach pitching

“We believe that by offering 6U Babe Ruth Quickball, we are evolving and giving our entry-level players and coaches something new that they will enjoy together,” said Steven Tellefsen, President/CEO of Babe Ruth League, Inc.  “Quickball is one of the best teaching programs I have ever seen in our sport, and it offers the perfect combination of being practical, interactive and fun at the same time.  We are excited about this partnership and look forward to the growth of 6U Babe Ruth Quickball.”

“This partnership with Babe Ruth League, Inc. is directly in-line with Quickball’s vision of revolutionizing the way baseball and softball is taught to young players,” said Chris Mackie, Co-Founder of USA Quickball.  “We have had a great relationship with Babe Ruth League for a while now, but formalizing this partnership creates an opportunity for us to grow with them, while sharing the same vision for enhancing the experience of entry-level baseball among players, coaches, parents and administrators.”

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