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Apr 8, 2021 2:48 PM
Michael Bouchard

Good Evening Stafford Baseball Families!

I hope this email finds all of you and your families well!

This email is to reaffirm that COVID-19 is very much still an issue in our community and that it is up to all of us to do our part so these kids have the opportunity to play a full season. PLEASE STAY HOME or have your child STAY HOME if either is not feeling well. 

Now that our Spring season is underway, we felt once again that we needed to send out one email, one message, so that we are all once again on the same page. It is already apparent that some feel that COVID is behind us, it CLEARLY IS NOT.

SBL is your league and we appreciate that you have joined us for the spring season. However, we must demand that all of you assist in doing everything possible to allow this season to happen, and happen safely. The SBL Board of Directors have been working very hard to make this season happen for the children of Stafford with many new events planned. I, along with the rest of the Board of Directors, need your help in making this a fun and safe season for the kids, volunteers, parents, and umpires. This league is all about the kids, and their safety should be paramount to all of us. Using COVID protocols may be different at times, but with everyone's assistance, patience, and understanding, we can all have a safe season.

Please read the entire email below in reference to what we all can and must do to help provide a safe environment for the kids, the coaches, the umpires, and the parents/grandparents/fans of SBL. 

Stafford Baseball League – Spring Season COVID Protocols:

Players and Coaches:

  • Illness / Symptoms-  players must remain home if they have any illness or symptoms of COVID-19. In addition, your coach should be notified and you should follow COVID procedures -  COVID Procedures
  • Social distancing team-  players and coaches will remain 6’ a part while in the dugout areas and at all times unless it is during the game on the field. The dugout area will need to be extended depending on the park.
  • Contact-  No handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, hugs, spitting, sunflower seeds.
  • On Field Meetings-  No team meetings where everyone isn’t at least 6’ apart. COACHES are encouraged to wear a mask if coaching a technique and distance is less than 6’
  • Masks- are encouraged in the dugout areas for coaches and when giving close instruction on field.
  • No shared team cooler or drinks.  Everyone must bring their own drink.
  • Sanitizer-players are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer to events and apply it between innings.
  • No sharing team equipment-  helmets, gloves (bats can be shared if wiped down after each use)(catchers equipment should not be shared).
  • Equipment spacing-  Equipment should be spaced out at minimum 6’ apart. Use of the dugout extended and behind the dugout is acceptable.
  • COVID Coach-  each team (especially in the younger divisions) is encouraged to have or assign an extra parent or coach who is in charge of only COVID 
    • Social distancing / Hand sanitizer / Equipment / Seeds / Spitting / Wipes / making sure player who coughs in hand immediately sanitizes or washes hands (pause game if necessary)
    • Mark off all social distancing in dugouts and assist for spectators as well
    • All things COVID and Social Distance

Parents and Fans:

  • Illness / Symptoms-  parents must remain home if they have any illness or symptoms of COVID-19
  • Screening-  parents, players, coaches, umpires and family members must take their temperature and screen themselves before leaving their house for any practices, games or team events. 
  • Social distancing fans-  all fans must remain 6’ away from anyone that is not their immediate family or household.  If fans refuse to social distance then the game will stop.  Except for the 90” fields (Distance), fans will NOT BE PERMITTED to sit behind the home plate area between dugouts. Parents and fans should sit along their teams foul lines or behind the outfield fence if applicable.
  • Screening Form-  SBL does not have a screening form. However, it is expected that all families will review the SBL Attestation Form (Below) prior to coming to event
  • Reporting-  Parent must report any COVID positive player or spectator to the league.
  • Masks- Masks are strongly encouraged and recommended when at a field. Especially around anyone other than immediate family members for a prolonged period of time. Please lead by example.


Stafford Baseball League Participation Attestation to be looked at before coming to every SBL event:

To do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 in our community, we ask that you read and answer the following truthfully. Please read this carefully.

By participating in an SBL event (practice or game), you are affirming and attesting that:

(a) You will adhere to safety guidelines established by SBL for the event; AND

(b) You have not in the last 14 days had any close contact with anyone who is either confirmed or suspected of being infected with COVID-19, including anyone who was experiencing or displaying any of the known symptoms of COVID-19 (which are listed in item (c) below); AND

(c) You do not currently experience or display, and you have not in the last 14 days experienced or displayed, any of the following symptoms:

  • Elevated temperature or fever of 100.4 F or higher,
  • Cough,
  • Shortness of breath and/or difficulty breathing,
  • Loss of smell and/or taste,
  • Fatigue, muscle aches, chills, shaking, or
  • Persistent headaches.

If you answered YES to any of the above statements, we kindly ask that you not participate in the SBL event. If you feel this may be a long-term absence, please contact league president or vice president for financial assistance in full or partial refund.

Thank you for your cooperation!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at


Michael Bouchard et al.

Stafford Baseball League President

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